CCC Next Gen manufacturers high-quality Paint Protection Film products using innovative German TPU and Adhesive Technology.

About Us

CCC Next Gen has its headquarters and R+D in UK, with major distributors in UK, USA, Vietnam and Australia. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality products from PPF, Tint to Microfiber Towels. With 20+ years of working with PPF, we understand the importance of using next-gen film to ensure the best results.

Our Products

Our products use innovative German TPU material and adhesive technology. This ensures the protection of your car from all aspects of daily use. Our Korean Microfiber Towels are of the highest quality. Korean microfiber is more reliable, softer, and more absorbent.

CCC Next Gen Xtreme Gloss

CCC Next Gen Xtreme Gloss is the pinnacle of automobile Paint Protection Film, providing spectacular aesthetics and robust protection thanks to its use of 7.5 mm German TPU and carefully crafted German adhesive. Gain peace of mind with a 10-year guarantee, proof of the unwavering quality of this film.

CCC Next Gen Xtreme Matte

Enjoy refined attraction with CCC Next Gen Xtreme Matte, a masterpiece with self-healing capabilities for a long-lasting finish. The precision-crafted 7.5 mil German TPU and excellent German adhesive produce a fantastic and durable shield. Rest assured, with a 10-year warranty your paint will be defect free.

CCC Next Gen Defender Gloss

The CCC Next Gen Defender Gloss is a shining example of classic excellence. This Gloss variant blends sophistication and resilience in a way that no other finish can match. Immerse yourself in security knowing that your purchase is backed by a 5-year guarantee and is constructed using superior German TPU and adhesive.

CCC Next Gen Defender Matte

CCC Next Gen Defender Matte combines high style with rugged durability. This Defender model is a monument to everlasting beauty thanks to its meticulous construction and gorgeous matte finish. Enjoy the ride knowing that it is well protected and aesthetically pleasing thanks to a 5-year warranty and premium German TPU and adhesive.

Why should you choose us?

CCC Next Gen products are of the highest quality around, using cutting-edge technology we pride ourselves on offering the most advanced films on the market.

Innovative Paint Protection Films

CCC Next Gen’s paint protection films are made meticulously to set a new standard for excellence. Release a new era of unrivaled performance and dependability that raises the bar for automotive enthusiasts everywhere.

High Performance Window Films

CCC Next Gen is committed to serving as your leading destination for automotive films. Our enduring Ceramic Window Tint, not only shields you from the sun but also enhances the aesthetics of your vehicle with its sophisticated black hue, completely free from any satellite interference.


In addition to our expertise in automotive films, CCC Next Gen also takes pride in crafting the finest PPF tools and Korean microfiber towels. Our commitment to quality extends beyond just products; it encompasses every aspect of your experience.


With distribution from the USA, UK, Australia and Asia, CCC Next Gen is available all around the world.


Take a look at some of CCC Next Gen films in action.



Get your CCC Next Gen films from our online store or simply call us at (0084 906 189 698) to start your CCC Next Gen experience.